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...I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right noooow!

Thanks much to kyoy  for reminding me I still had an LJ. LoveLove. Went back to Plurk and LJ because of Kyoy, and because I realized that it's hard to express whatever i'm feeling in FB (because a lot of my family members are my "friends") especially in the love department, if there is currently one.

So let's update this thing.

Let's go green.Collapse )
Family needs to be top priority.Collapse )

The tragic love story. Read if you dare.Collapse )


I really need to start finishing packing up my things and deciding what to wear tomorrow. I'll update more often. Need to reconnect with the world. :)

I'm leaving this as a public entry--just because I trust that only my real friends would know that I have an LJ. :))
Okay so this is what I've been secretly doing with my life. Hahaha

There are times when we have ym conferences that I can't attend. Also, there are instances when i just want to rush home. Not only that, my ym stat sometimes is just arrived home even when it's 10/11/12 pm on a school night. So where exactly have I been going to for all these nights?? :)

We've just had our barangay's basketball league or liga. My mom's mainly the sponsor for our team. After every game, we provide food and we eat by our other house. The court's just like 5minutes walking distance from both our houses. :)) So there, i've been kinda attached to our team and I can proudly say I think they're the best. We've had our first loss at the semi-finals, by 1 point! Then, it was off to the championship, which was last night and the other night (friday). We had a really big drum set and the other team's fans couldn't scream since our drums would always overcome them. We lost in both since our main players got sick (ugh! of all the times they could've been sick!). Then, last night, we lost by 5 since a 3point shot finished the game at 10seconds left. Sayang. Last year, we were also the 1st runner up. It's okay since we know we've given the other team a really great fight and to think our other players were still sick. So ayun, after the game last night, we ate as usual and then inuman na.

We lasted until 4am. I became closer to one of the BB players and gaaaaah, isa siya sa crush ko okay? (kiliiiiig hahaha) Tall, dark and handsome and of course, bb players always have a BIG PLUS. And to think, isa siya sa star players ng team! Number 18 I shall call him. haha. We kinda talked last night tapos I found out na 19 palang siya and he found out na 17 palang ako. :)) He asked me if I could get him some textmates and then he gave me his number. Then, my mom realized na 4am na pala so we headed home. Kinulit ako ni 18 tapos sabi text text daw kami. :*> So when I got home, I texted him so that he'll know my number. Tapos he replied and he asked me kung pwede ko siyang samahan magpuyat kasi daw sinaraduhan na siya ng tito nya ng pintuan at hindi na sya makauwi. :)) We live in like the same street. haha. Tapos sabi ko sure (thinking na magttext lang and all). So super nagulat ako since bigla nyang sinabi na magkita raw kami (take note: this was around 4:30AM!) Ako na daw bahala saan. And then ayun, sabi ko I can't since baka pagalitan ako (LOSER). Since smart siya and globe ako, sabi niya he doesn't have extra load and he'll text me nalang some other time. :*>

Of course, I'll go to the awarding ceremony later at 5 :)) I love number 18. HAHAHA


I just realized how much I've missed highschool. Damn it. I especially miss my friends.

I've been trying to delete some stuff in my laptop since it's starting to get slower (actually, I could just delete my Gossip Girl and Chuck episodes but nooooo). Looking at the Pictures section sure took me a long time and I barely couldn't even delete them. I still have videos of Linggo ng Wika, Sportsfests and songfests. Pictures are like 1000x more than the videos of course. There's the class pictures, prom, grad ball, grad practice, grad, sportsfest, songfest, linggo ng wika, fair, DI, elective, greenwich trip, antipolo, class presentations, 3rd yr musical, batch pictures and of course, pictures with my friends. Highschool gave me such good memories.

I miss sitting on the floor, even lying on the floor.
I miss the canteen, Potato Corner, Tita Abel, the stall with the Nescafe Ice, and of course, the stall of Loupau's mom and tita.
I miss going out of the room and hanging out with friends.
I miss the hulahoop and that giant rock we made for english.
I miss doing props and backdrops.
I miss doing skits.
I miss classmates being male characters.
I miss our DI sessions/ eating sessions.
I miss the retreats, especially the 4th year one.
I miss the shooting stars, that one night of magic.
I miss my classmates terribly, expecially the Buzzybees.
I miss being able to ask if anyone has a napkin even out loud.
I miss my teachers, even Tita Trina and the other heads.
I miss the PA system.
I miss the busmates.
I miss bringing pancit canton or tuna with rice.
I miss coffee mornings with Pam and Clem.
I miss room hopping.
I miss the TV that's next to the computer/ teacher's table.
I miss the time when clubs still existed. Arts Club I Love!


And yet, here I am, a year away from graduating college. NOOOOO.

To all SPCP Graduates

Taken from Loupau's blog :)

Calling all graduates of ST. PAUL COLLEGE PASIG

You are invited to attend "First of a Series", a Grand Alumnae Homecoming sponsored by Batch '84, SPCP's first Silver Jubilarians.

When: January 3 (Saturday, 1-6 PM)
Where: SPCP Convention Hall (Preschool Building)

Admission is free.

Please spread the word and repost. Thank you.

Sched for the Week and US Blues


...although I already have my whole week planned which is quite annoying since I really want to go out with my high school friends. So here's an overview of my one-week vacation left here:

Monday (12/15/2008): Spa1~ Foot Spa and Mani-Pedi; Salon~ Hair Color, Cellophane...; Check internet for the results of the HSBC contest
Tuesday (12/16/2008): Quiapo~ Mass (hopefully) and buy beads and new watches; Spa2~ Facial and Diamond Peel
Wednesday (12/17/2008): MOA with blockmates and dinner with family
Thursday (12/18/2008): Course Card day aka Judgment day! (Morning: Humalit, Econtwo and EXCHANGE GIFT! :D)
Friday(12/19/2008): Flight to US (plane will leave at around 8am)

Hopefully, the flight is full and we could volunteer to stay and get a voucher. I wanna go to the Pasukan thing sa UST on Friday and our Buzzybees Christmas party on Saturday!!! Even though I super miss US na, I could still afford staying here a few more days. Maabutan ko pa naman yung after-christmas sale e! :))

I'm already trying to think of ways on how to fit all the gifts in the Balikbayan box. Boo the airlines for making the weight limit from 70 to 50!!!! That's a total of 40 na!!! Rawr. I guess i'll just buy small gifts then and a whole lot of clothes for me. Lol. :)) and i'll have a lot of hand-carried items. I don't think i'd buy chocolates this time, it's too heavy and somehow, nakakasawa na. Haha

I can't wait to go back there because of the shopping, shopping and more shopping. haha joke! I want to...

eat Baskin Robbins ice cream,
to cook and cook in the kitchen,
borrow books from the public library and read all night long,
smell the fresh cold air every morning,
buy breakfast burritos or pancakes in Mcdo (and there goes my diet),
drive through the drive-thru part of Starbucks,
look through every store in the mall (sale sale sale!),
buy myself a new Ipod (if Daddy would buy me one),
buy christmas gifts,
use the fast fast internet and download some tv series,
watch gossip girl and other shows on tv (and not having to download it from the inet),
rollerblade and ice skate,
go to Chuck-E-Cheese and arcade all night,
eat steak and ribs,
and finally, to learn how to DRIVE! Woohoo!

I suddenly feel "homesick". But i'll miss my friends here and of course i'll miss texting people since I don't usually use the roaming service in any of my 3 networks. Ohwell. I'll be back on January 1 (around 11pm) naman e. And i'd have 6 days left until school starts again. Bleh.

Friends! Wag niyo ko kakalimutan pag nagchristmas shopping na kayo ha! :))

Wish List!

Eto na ang aking super special wishlist kasi pinagisipan ko talaga to. Haha. Para to sa mga napaka baet na mga kaibigan ko dyan. *ehemehem* Pinapadali ko lang naman mga buhay niyo e just in case gusto niyo kong bigyan ng gift. Haha. Pero kung ayaw niyo ko bugyan okay lang din, di na nga lang tayo maguusap kahit kailan. Haha joke lang! Nga pala, sa blockmates ko, halos pareho lang to nung nasa YG para sa exchange gift except sa 15 na dinagdag ko sa huli. Haha :))

1. Turtle! (Gusto ko talaga ng pet!!!!)
2. Trenchcoat (Matagal ko na tong hinihingi pero hangang ngayon wala paring nagbibigay. haha)
3. 2009 Planner (BELLE DE JOUR 2009 PLANNER! Yun talaga gusto ko! kahit wag na yung sa starbucks, di ko masyado type e pero okay narin. Haha)
4. Yung crush ko! Hahahaha
5. Boyfriend! :)) (Di naman ako mapili e. Haha. Wag niyo lang bibigay sakin yung mga kilala niyong ayaw ko)
6. Surprise me!!!! (super mahilig ako sa surprise!)
7. ATENEO jacket. Haha. O kaya yung cute na La Salle jacket.
8. Gossip Girl (books/ DVD)
9. Stylish/ Unique bag
10. Shirts/ Tops from Diego (wag lang yung red na shirt na nakalagay "Little miss drama" kasi meron na ko nun. Haha. Basta normally Large or XL kinukuha ko kasi gusto ko mahahaba at yung hindi fitted)
11. Gladiator sandals (size 7)
12. Dupe flipflops/ Havaianas/ Ipanema!
13. Dolphin-ish things
14. Wrist watch
15. Unique nail polish!
16. Nail art things
17. Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella
18. Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger
19. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (Naiintriga lang talaga ko. Haha)
20. Cute alarm clock
21. Tawagin ako ng block/ college friends na MONING. Ang babaw no pero namimiss ko lang talaga to! High school memories!
22. World Peace!
23. Eternal happiness. (Yuck! haha. ano ba yan!)
24. Maging DL ulit ngayong term. (Shet asa pa ko!)
25. Makakuha ng mas magandang sched for next term. (Naghihintay pa ko na magbukas yung kay Lim na finman2 para maayos na lahat nung time! Kasi naman tae yung internet sa egi nalate tuloy ako. Rawr)
26. Cute na wallet
27. Make-up?
28. PUMAYAT AKO. (Shet eto talaga wish ko na gustong gusto ko matupad!)
29. Successful future/ career
30. Wag magkaroon ng 0.0 sa buong stay ko sa DLSU
31. Cute na pencilcase
32. Matanggap sa Round one nung HSBC Young Entrep. Awards!!!!
33. Cute na pillow!!!
34. Chocolate Fountain! haha (madami akong chocolate, wala namang fountain. hahaha)
35. Ipod 60/80 GB or any Ipod na malaki yung storage. (Super mauubos na yung 30GB ko)
36. REUNION with Highschool friends!

Konti lang diba? :))

Sana may makuha man lang ako kahit isa man lang sa mga to. *Hinthint* Haha

Sa mga magbibigay ng gifts, ngayon palang nagthank you na ko! ILabsYou!!!!

From 10 to 1

Since most of my friends are doing this, so will I. Haha. Actually, gusto ko lang talaga sagutan tong first part. :))


1. Shet. Kung alam mo lang nararamdaman ko ngayon. I hate you for being so insensitive yesterday. And I hate myself kasi nagpapakatanga ko sayo.
2. I can play your games. Trust me.
3. Super naappreciate talaga kita. It feels so good to know that someone has gone through the same thing I’m going through right now
4. I wonder if you know that she already knows a lot of secrets you’ve hidden from her
5. You don’t deserve that kind of treatment
6. I miss you so much. Sana naging tayo nalang. Haha
7. I wish I could share this problem I have but it seems that I really can’t coz you’ve already told me things that would make me a total fool if I’d go on with it.
8. Sana umayos ayos ka na. Hello. Ang hirap hirap mong kausap e ang simple lang nung sinasabi ko. Pwede ba. Iiwanan talaga kita sa ere pag hindi ka tumino.
9. Hanapan mo na nga ko ng boyfriend para hindi na ko nagkakaganito. Leche.
10. Sana bigyan mo ko ng magandang gift. Please?

1. You wouldn’t want to be in a fight against me. I think only a handful knows how different I get when I get really really angry.
2. I love sweet people
3. I’m a goddamn hopeless romantic!
4. I love coffee, pink and dolphins. DUH
5. Madali ako magtampo.
6. I’m taking up BS-Entrepreneurship in DLSU-M.
7. I love surprises!
8. Ayoko sa mga taong hindi nagrereply
9. I’m turning 18 next year!

1. Be sweet. Super sweet
2. Surprise me everytime. I love it when people make me feel special.
3. Text me every day. Trust me, super dagdag points yan. Haha. Kahit Good morning lang!
4. Always be there for me
5. Be a gentleman
6. Patawanin mo ko palagi
7. Cheer me up when I’m down. Mas maganda kung nasesense mo na may problema ko kahit di ko pa sinasabi. In short, be sensitive!
8. Know my friends and learn to socialize with them

1. My super ka-duper daming insecurities
2. Acads
3. Siya. Sa dami dami ng tao bakit siya.
4. My friends
5. What if…
6. Bakit ako nbsb. Seryoso.
7. Ano kailangan ko gawin ngayon?

1. Ma-meet si Mr. Right. Haha
2. Get drunk. As in super lasing na hndi ko na alam ginagawa ko. :))
3. Magka-boyfriend. :))
4. Learn how to drive
5. Go to Europe/ Hawaii
6.Have a dolphin named after me!

1. I’m Yours- Jason Mraz
2. How six songs collide- Norwegian Recycling
3. Everything you want- Vertical Horizon
4. 6-8-12- Brian McKnight
5. Love me for a reason- Boyzone

1. Talented (knows how to play an instrument/member ng band/athletic/ dancer, etc)
2. Knows how to drive
3. Maayos tignan/ may itsura. DUH. Haha

1. :)
2. >:(
3. :))

1. Taking some things for granted
2. Bringing the birthday food nung 2nd year. Gahd

ONE CONFESSION: I sometimes cry at night thinking why I’m like this (these are the times when all my insecurities kick in)

just a simple update :)

It's almost midnight and i'm still awake as usual. Tomorrow, i'll need to pack up my things since my flight's on tuesday morning and i'll arrive in the philippines wednesday night. I feel like this has been the shortest summer ever. Well, maybe it actually is since we had a late vacation and we'll have an early start of classes.


This summer, i was able to go to San Francisco, South Lake Tahoe, Seattle, Vancouver and Whistler, Canada. I'm supposed to be at Las Vegas on the 25th but La Salle does not permit me to do so.


I have a new laptop by the way! Sorry if you find some typographical errors, im still getting used to typing with it. It's like my best laptop yet. First of all, its HP, with a black cover, small and compact, and with Vista as its operating system. You can swivel it 180 degrees for presentations and you can fold it flat for better navigation--because it's a TOUCHSCREEN! i seriously love it. It also has a fingerprint reader which I can't seem to use because it keeps saying that I use a different finger even if it's the same one.

Of course, the dilemma for my parents was that I still had another one back home and i've only had it for one year. So I told them, i'd be giving it to my sister since my brother also has a new one, which isn't better than mine. wahahaha. anyways, my mom said we could sell it, not sure how much though.



I haven't even picked out a venue yet, nor have I even listed how many guests i'll have. Since it'll still be next year in August! My mom and I have been really talking about it. My mom wants to have a grand celebration (and thank god for that!) and as long as i have my dark chocolate fountain, i'm good to go. My mom already found me an ESCORT, one thing I really don't want to have since they seem just like an accessory of the debutante (no offense to those escorts out there). He's my cousin and we were once friends when we were still kids. He turned out kinda bad because of bad company, and we met just this summer at Seattle. What im really thinking is how he'd understand what the hell people are saying because he doesn't even speak in Filipino. I'll rant about this in another post. Trust me, I have A LOT to say.


To all those who still don't know, i've already shifted to BS-Entrepreneurship. trust me, i wouldnt be able to handle the lifestyle of being an Accounting major in la salle.

I guess that's all for now. I think I really need to sleep now so that I can accomplish a lot tomorrow- no. actually, later. Oh nevermind. Good night everyone. :)

First few days of summer

I can't really do this in detail since it'd turn out to be several pages long so i'll just get the essence of it all. :)

Well.. let's start with the "unofficial summer" since i'm still considering course card distribution as a class day. haha. So..

Megamall with most of the busmates! (Pam, Clem, Cha, Jeng, Jessica) I never laugh as much as I do when i'm with the busmates. It's a totally different environment and i love it! So we ate at Pizza Hut which was paid by Jessica A! Woohoo! Thanks ulit! Then, KTV at Club Synergy, Bowling, then KFC.

Sacla's Birthday! ILU Fow4! Mamasita! F4! Or whatever I call you! Hahaha
Apparently, this was also the day of the dreaded qualifying exams for some of my blockmates.

OHNO! Course Card Day! The day didn't turn out so bad, although there were 2 grades which brought me down. ATleast i'm still not irregular! Woohoo!
That day was so f%^@*^# HOT! This was also the day I decided not to go back to Kenny Roger's in Taft. Boo the small ice tea, the annoyingly not-so-cold aircon and the bad tasting whip cream!

I packed up my things by night time which gave me only 3 hours of sleep before I needed to wake up and go to the airport the next day. I was pretty exhausted that day. Morning. I made my cousin's tarpaulin that she would be placing at her debut. Noon. I arranged all the things I needed to give away like old clothes, bags, shoes and sometimes, food that I wouldn't bother eating anymore. I approximately gave away around 6 large plastic bags. Afternoon. I went to the spa and had a body massage and had a change polish.

My dreaded day. This was the day I had to fly all by MYSELF to US. I was upgraded to business class on my flight to Japan (stopover). This is also the day I arrived in US because of the time difference. The US customs questioned me a bit because I was only 16 and all that but they let me go anyway. My family and I ate lunch at TenTen and dropped by the office. My first day in US and my mom and I already went shopping! Also I finished the book I bought last Monday (which I was supposedly going to read on the plane) in one sitting. Whee!

I haven't adjusted with the time difference and my mom, sister and I went shopping early in the morning. As in around 7! By afternoon, we went to San Diego to attend a garden wedding at this house with such an amazing view. We stayed at the Grand Pacific Palisades Hotel at the Legoland Resort.

Javi's Birthday! Morning. We went to look for somewhere to eat but and found ourselves near the beach. We decided to eat at the restaurant near the hotel. After that, we went picking strawberries at this U-Pick Strawberries place. It was so fun. We went back to the hotel and packed up. We thought of going around the hotel and look at the enormous flowerfields. After that, we walked our way to Legoland and we actually got lost since we couldn't find the gate but we got in somehow. Legoland is so nice now compared to when we went there several years ago. Afternoon. Drived back to OC and ate at Denny's. I told my dad I needed a new harddrive since my laptop doesn't have anymore memory.

Basically, went to Mcdo for breakfast, went to the post office and dad gave me my new 160 GB Hard drive! I really didn't expect to get it so soon but my mom said that my dad just can't wait to buy us things. Weird. I went to the mall that afternoon and when we got home, my sister said that her bike was too small for her anymore and my dad actually bought her a bike that night. damn. And oh! the highlight of my night! I finally solved the rubik's cube! As in the whole thing! The whole 6 sides!

I went to the post office twice that day. It was our last office day so we were packing up and I had to shred thousands of paper because most of them contained highly confidential things like SS number and Account no. for the bank, etc. Some barely contained anything at all so I just gathered it to be my sketch pad. I kept telling my family that many trees were harmed to make those papers. Can't believe I did that. Soooo. After that, my mom and I went shopping at 5 different stores. Yay for shopping! Haha. So that's just about it.

I'm obviously bored right now and I still have some jetlag since it's already around 1:30 am here. I'll be uploading some pics soon. It was supposed to be a short entry but you all know how talkative I can get. Once I start, I can't stop. Hahaha. :))

Well, have a fun summer y'all!!!

And btw, amazingly, our annual trip to DIsneyland wouldn't be happening this year! We're going to explore other theme parks since my mom's already bored with Disney. We're definitely going to go to Universal Studios and Six Flags Magic Mountain. Whee. And we're planning to go on a week-long cruise in Alaska or something. WTF. Ohwell. Random thought: I can't believe my brother has a new laptop and they'll just be giving away the old one. And he's only in grade 6 with troubles in school! Damn.

Weird conversation of the day:
Me: Daddy, may tv ba tayo dyan na hindi ginagamit? Hindi gumagana tv ko dito sa kwarto e
Dad: Wala na e. Dun ka nalang manood sa sala.
Me: E doon nanonood si Mulus e. (Mulus-brother)
Dad: Sige. Bili nalang tayo bukas. (Inner me: whaaat?!)
Me: Hindi wag na. Aagawin ko nalang kay mulus yung remote.

*My dad wanted to throw the printer away a while ago. Tito Medic Quiambao said he'll just bring it to the Philippines since the printer is still in good condition. My dad is so weird. I told him the shredder wasn't that good anymore and he bought a heavy-duty one the same day. Which is today. I think I got this habit of buying things from him. Ohwell. Tomorrow, we'll be buying some pasalubong that Tito Medic could give to her wife and Miriam Q! Hahaha.

*Moning. shut up now.*

I'm 86% Paulinian!



[X] You know the Paulinian Hymn- oo naman! inis na inis ako dito kasi ang habaaa niya
[X] You know the Paulinian Mission Song- sana eto nalang araw-araw pag flag ceremony!
[ ] You know the tune of Hymn to Saint Paul but do not know the lyrics- alam ko yata siya pero hindi ako sure e. hahaha
[X] You have/had a crush on a girl- no comment! :))
[X] Experienced inspection and panicked like hell- araw-araw akong nagdadala ng mga bawal nung high school e. the best ang lockers at gilid ng blackboard! :))

Total: 4

[X] Whenever you get the PauliWorld, you only look at the pictures and the entertainment page- yun yung una kong tinitignan. syempre binabasa ko din yung ibang articles pag bored o kaya kilala ko nagsulat

[ ] Mostly, if there is no entertainment page with the games and all, you do not open the rest of the PauliWorld
[X] You have used the computer in your classroom without permission- syempre!
[X] You have secretly tried to look for MTV in your classroom's television- hindi lang MTV. Pati narin minsan Wowowee, kung wala ede yung sa GMA. Pati narin basketball pag UAAP season na! :))
[X] You`re always sitting on the teacher`s table or their seats- halos araw araw!

Total: 4

[X] You dislike sisters who always talk very long- mas lalo na pag flag ceremony at nakatayo ka sa baba
[X] You are academically prepared- oo naman. prepared ako magcram hanggang sa last minute!
[X] You are morally upright-  hindi naman ako immoral diba? haha
[X] You are socially responsible- may social life naman ako kahit papano. :))
[X] You always play with your necktie or bowtie- ang dami pa ngang nakasabit e. haha

Total: 5

[X] You have seen lesbo action. Inshort, girl to girl PDA's.- no comment :))
[ ] You do not attend GIFT. Only if you need something important or they`re looking for you already- mabait ako nung gift ah! haha. sarap kumain at makipagbond sa giftmates e! ;p
[X] You write things on your table- mas lalo na pag bored! i-sasand din naman yan sa pagtapos ng year e!
[X] Locker is the best way to keep your phones- oo naman!
[ ] You have/had a girlfriend. A girlfriend. Girl to girl, I mean.- may aamin ba nito? :))

Total: 3

[X] On the first day, you ask the teachers if they have a love life or something- syempre dyan umiiral ang pagkatsismosa! :))
[ ] You really started your education in Saint Paul
[X] You know the Principal- yeah! go sister TA!
[X] You know Sister Virgina- oo naman
[X] You like to go on outreaches- masaya naman e. dun nga nabuo ang busmates e!

Total: 4

[ ] You mostly text during class hours
[X] You scream happily when there’s a film viewing- eto yung time para humabol sa requirements o kaya humiga sa floor, minsan tulog o kaya kain. love it!
[X] You hate masses- haba galore! minsan bonding at tsismisan session kaya okay lang. minsan din shortened period kaya super okay! :))

[X] When Sister Principal arrives, everyone panics and goes to their own seats- pati nga teachers e! haha. OMG. Naaalala ko pa nga yung nangyari nung 3rd year, yung dapat pupunta kami kela Isada. Naanounce pa kami sa PA!
[X] You think Sister Principal is a god. Almighty and powerful.- she rules heaven and earth! :))

Total: 4

[X] You are, frankly, very noisy.- ako? noisy? :))
[X] Most of the times speak in Tagalog but can speak in English properly- naging asset ko na yan no. salamat sa 'paulinian english' at sa english-speaking campaign na hindi nasusunod. haha
[X] Hate public speaking- kahit na puro monologue na at lahat, nakakakaba parin no. pero pag reporting okay lang. haha
[X] Have morning rites outside their classroom at least once a week- oo naman. madalas nasa baba na ko dahil umiinom ako nang coffee o kaya nalalate ako dahil nakakatamad bumaba. haha
[X] Afraid to go to the faculty- afraid to knock, pero okay na pag nandyan na yung teacher. okay, ang labo!

Total: 5

[X] Go to the washroom often- mas lalo na pag 2 hr Cl o kaya pag bio!
[X] Have heard that SPCP was once a graveyard- sino bang hindi nakarinig nun?
[ ] Been scared of Marian Camp-in because of the "ghosts"- never akong nag Marian Camp-in e
[X] You actually believed these stories- pati teacher kasi nagkwekwento. haha. ang freaky din kasi minsan e.
[X] And are still believing in them- ang freaky talaga nung feeling minsan. mas lalo na nung inaabot kami nila tif ng mga 7 pm sa paggawa ng bulletin board o kaya props. haha

Total: 4

[X] You like hanging out with friends and going out regularly- SOBRA!
[X] Loves Tita Abel- masarap, affordable at maganda yung service!

[X] Sits almost everywhere. Tent, Ramp, Floor, Parking .. Really, everywhere- Ngayon hindi ko na masyado nagagawa to kasi nakakahiya sa iba. haha. pero totoo, kahit saan!
[X] Always say hi to pre-schoolers and make fun of them- masaya mag-hi dun sa mga little boys! <3
[X] Knows your whole batch, or most of them and they know you too.- oo naman! :))

Total: 5

[X] Have brought chocolates or candy for everyone when it was your birthday- kahit hindi ko birthday! hahaha.
[X] Have had a hilarious fire drill-  naghahanap pa nga ko ng kasama e. haha. tapos yung mga teacher pinagmamadali ka palagi.
[X] Fallen or tripped over the stairs- :))
[X] Have gotten to school but still your classroom`s locked- everyday! bihira ko lang naabutan na bukas na. mukha na nga kaming beggar minsan e.
[X] You have seen the scandalous doors of our school toilets- :))

Total: 5

Then multiply your total by 2